Shalom, Seniors.

The banquet at the end of the year means that softball season is almost over, finals are around the corner, and that your time with your seniors is almost up. I can’t speak for every team, but I can speak for mine in saying that this has been the greatest senior class yet.

Not only are thIMG_2350.jpgey taking care of business on the field, with five conference sweeps and an early birth to the conference tournament, off the field they’re doing their job as well. Our senior class has taught me so much about what it takes to be a good teammate and a good student.

If I’m ever in need of inspiration I know I can always count on them. I’ve cried on many of their shoulders and will definitely miss them when they leave. I hope that when my senior year rolls around I, too, will have underclassmen writing about how much they’ll miss their senior class.

Thank you, Class of 2016.


P.S. These two bring the group average down.The other five seniors are pretty I promise.

Crawfish Day

Sometimes I really wonder about where my parents shipped me off to college to. However, Louisiana has slowly started to grow on me with it’s charming, charismatic culture that sets it apart from every other state in the U.S. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, something happens that makes me feel foolish for even thinking so.

Crawfish Day at Nicholls was something that made me sit back, look around, and just thank God for being alive that day. It also made me chuckle because the people from around here think this is totally normal. It’s not. At least not for me anyway.

Crawfish Day was filled with loud music, large crowds, and good (yup you guessed it) crawfish. It wasn’t my first encounter with the mudbug but it sure was worth remembering. This is what I went to college out-of-state for, for experiences like these that I wouldn’t have gotten had I stayed home to play ball.

I still don’t say y’all, I still don’t like king cake, and I still love big cities, but silly me for thinking that this tiny little town with all it’s traditions wouldn’t one day hold a special place in my heart.


This picture is for all of my Vegas friends, I’m not sure they know what crawfish is or that it’s even allowed to be eaten.

Extra Crispy

“Mom I’m just a burnt chicken nugget with a broken fin like nemo.” This is how I ended a conversation with my mom the other day. I like myself (most days) I promise. The end of the school year means stress, stress, and more stress.

I’ve found that I take my bad days out on myself. That might sound weird, but whether it’s how I talk about myself to my mom or believing someone else’s negative comments about me, it’s me who takes the L.

DSC_0721 (1).jpg

Despite all of this, I am so grateful to have a place where I don’t have to worry about anything, it’s our softball field. Even though I can’t play, this field and the girls on it bring me so much happiness.

After spending all day cooped up in a classroom it’s nice to be able to come to the field and forget about it all. It also helps that I have the best teammates around, many of which I look up to. Everybody deserves to have a special place that makes them feel better, this diamond filled with dirt just happens to be mine.



P.S. please don’t tell them I said that, their heads will get too big and I’ll have to deny it.

French Quarter Fest Fail

Days off are a blessing. They give us a chance to catch up on homework, sleep in or even just do nothing all day. Today the weather was too beautiful to spend the day inside, so we decided to go to the French Quarter Fest in New Orleans.

We left too late, got lost too many times and couldn’t find parking. As a result we missed the entire thing. We ate at some restaurant that would supposedly validate our parking ticket and after we ordered and paid for the entire thing our waiter let us know that they didn’t validate the Hilton parking garage only the Hilton’s (thanks Jackie).

IMG_6375.JPGJust when the whole day was about to go in the loss column I remembered that there’s some beignet place that everybody raves about.

While I couldn’t completely enjoy myself because of the guilt I was experiencing from stuffing my face with dough and powdered sugar, Cafe Du Monde did not disappoint.

Bad Week Doesn’t Make a Bad Life

This week both flew by and drag on at the same time. I can’t believe that at the beginning of the week my boyfriend was in town from Nevada. His leaving and the manner in which he left set the tone for the rest of my week.

Despite us leaving on time for the airport, we encountered a car accident that turned stop-and-go traffic into just stop traffic. After 15 minutes of maybe moving one car length we got off the highway and found an alternative route that took us 12 miles out of the way. We made it to the airport 4 minutes before his flight took off, forcing him to buy two new plane tickeIMG_6335.JPGts.

I wish I could say my week went up from there but it didn’t, it followed suit. From bad news regarding my arm to plain bad days I know understand why sad country music was invented.

The only good thing about this bad week is that next week can’t be any worse and if it is well then at least this week served as a good buffer.





P.S. I know he looks like an asparagus.

And Then There Were Five

This weekend we had the privilege of participating in the North Texas Mean Green Spring Fling Tournament. It was a joyful ten hour bus trip from Thibodaux but a trip that most of the parents made anyway. On Saturday after being handed our first loss of the weekend by North Texas, most of the team was able to go into the comforting arms of their families.

As my roommate and I started to realize that we might be the only two girls without families to go to dinner with, we started to feel even worse than that lost could’ve made us feel.

FullSizeRender.jpgOur dim moods were quickly changed when we saw three more of our teammates get on the bus. Before we knew it we were cutting up and having a good time, even trying to convince the youngest to go ask coach if we would be allowed to order sweet tea at dinner.

What easily could’ve been a night filled with us missing our families even more than usual, turned into a memory that us “orphans” will always cherish.

Your teammates will always have your back.


P.S. none of us had the cojones to ask coach, we had water with our dinners.