Shalom, Seniors.

The banquet at the end of the year means that softball season is almost over, finals are around the corner, and that your time with your seniors is almost up. I can’t speak for every team, but I can speak for mine in saying that this has been the greatest senior class yet.

Not only are thIMG_2350.jpgey taking care of business on the field, with five conference sweeps and an early birth to the conference tournament, off the field they’re doing their job as well. Our senior class has taught me so much about what it takes to be a good teammate and a good student.

If I’m ever in need of inspiration I know I can always count on them. I’ve cried on many of their shoulders and will definitely miss them when they leave. I hope that when my senior year rolls around I, too, will have underclassmen writing about how much they’ll miss their senior class.

Thank you, Class of 2016.


P.S. These two bring the group average down.The other five seniors are pretty I promise.

Extra Crispy

“Mom I’m just a burnt chicken nugget with a broken fin like nemo.” This is how I ended a conversation with my mom the other day. I like myself (most days) I promise. The end of the school year means stress, stress, and more stress.

I’ve found that I take my bad days out on myself. That might sound weird, but whether it’s how I talk about myself to my mom or believing someone else’s negative comments about me, it’s me who takes the L.

DSC_0721 (1).jpg

Despite all of this, I am so grateful to have a place where I don’t have to worry about anything, it’s our softball field. Even though I can’t play, this field and the girls on it bring me so much happiness.

After spending all day cooped up in a classroom it’s nice to be able to come to the field and forget about it all. It also helps that I have the best teammates around, many of which I look up to. Everybody deserves to have a special place that makes them feel better, this diamond filled with dirt just happens to be mine.



P.S. please don’t tell them I said that, their heads will get too big and I’ll have to deny it.

Get Learnt

I was told by a very reliable source that college was “merely a formality” and that you come here to learn about yourself and “have fun.” He might’ve gone into more detail about the latter reason to go to college but overall he might’ve had a good point.

In my time here I’ve learned more about myself than almost my entire childhood combined. Besides learning how to make a blog or other things taught in a classroom, I’ve learned more about the person I want to be when I graduate. I recently came across the opportunity to write for The Odyssey and I took it without thinking too much of it.

After learning that my article was published I quickly sent it to my friends and family. Before I knew it I was getting emails from teachers I had in middle school telling me how much they enjoyed my article. I haven’t had this feeling of accomplishment since my last home run a little under a year ago.

In many ways it’s sad that a sport has this much emotional control over me but it’s moments like these (getting your article published) that help you see that there actually might be life after softball (still highly doubt it).IMG_5968.jpg

It might not be the Times or ESPN, but I put forth just as much effort as the authors on those platforms.


Teammates Make the World Go ‘Round

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Last July I had surgery on my right arm that put me in the position that I am in now. This weekend I was lucky enough to travel to Hammond, Louisiana to watch my team participate in the Lion Classic. Dressed in shorts instead of softball pants and my very best fake smile, I performed the duties which were called of me. I took video, fetched foul balls and gave up the stretching band if one of the starters needed it. Don’t get me wrong I’m blessed to even be on a team and every day I’m getting one step closer to being on the field. But if I’m being honest, sometimes it sucks.

On days like these when I feel more like a team manager instead of a player I turn to the girls that make it worthwhile. These girls know just what I’m going through because injuries are more common than they should be among division I student athletes. Having a group of girls that you can turn to at your worst is one of the best things in the world. Your college teammates are the girls that are going to be your bridesmaids and meet you for lunch once your old and married with kids and no longer do anything for yourself. In fact I’m convinced that the friendships you acquire after four hard years of playing ball are one of the most rewarding things that come out of being an athlete.

When I’m feeling down I turn to them and smile. I know that I have 24 sisters that would do anything for me at the drop of a hat. Even though I may be injured and can barely raise my arm over my head I know that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world because I have a great group of girls waiting for me to get back on the field.


I know they look rough but be nice, softball players are people too.

Three Big Bitches On a Fence

Just for the record those were their words not mine. Going from left to right we have the fabulously awkward Ashleigh from Texas, the sarcastic sweetheart (asshole) Alexis from Chicago, followed by the funniest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, Moriah from Georgia. With Mardi Gras season upon us the average citizen of Louisiana is probably getting ready to go to a parade. We however, after a grueling practice this morning, entertained ourselves by looking for horses we heard over the fence.

Not being able to attend parades, go out on Thursday nights, or straighten our hair before class are just some of the sacrifices we make in order to be student athletes. We are forced to create our own fun that fall within the rules we are given. Either way, seemingly insignificant moments likes these are the memories that will last a lifetime. Who remembers the nights they go out anyway?

If you said you do, you’re doing it wrong.