Final Project

Vegas Girl + Small Town =

The transition between living in Las Vegas, Nevada all of my life to moving to Thibodaux, Louisiana for college could best be described with two words, culture shock. I had no idea what to expect since I had never been to the South before. Naive and ready to take on any challenge that crossed my path, I crossed the Mason Dixon Line and have yet to look back.

One of the first things I needed to adjust to was everybody’s accent. It took a lot of lip reading and agreeing absentmindedly before I fully learned to understand what the locals were saying through their heavy accents.

By far the biggest difference between Thibodaux and home is the food. The Cajun’s don’t mess around when it comes to food. In the past two years I’ve had more “firsts” than in my entire life combined and they all pertained to food. My first time having crawfish, my first time having jambalaya, my first time having gumbo and of course my first time having beignets all happened within 4 semesters.

Throughout my two years here I’ve found that food is what brings people together the most. After our home games we always have either a parent or a coach cook dinner for us and it is almost always Cajun food. It is interesting to watch the local girls go up for seconds and thirds while most of the out-of-state girls are still working on the first plate they only grabbed to be polite.

If I hadn’t given Cajun food a chance, like some of my fellow out-of-state teammates, I would’ve never discovered my love for crawfish, I would’ve never discovered my love for shrimp po-boys and I probably would’ve gone the rest of my life without knowing what frogs legs taste like.

Everyday I am grateful that I chose a university in a town so rich with culture because this, experiencing things for the first time, is what going to college out-of-state is supposed to look like.