Get Learnt

I was told by a very reliable source that college was “merely a formality” and that you come here to learn about yourself and “have fun.” He might’ve gone into more detail about the latter reason to go to college but overall he might’ve had a good point.

In my time here I’ve learned more about myself than almost my entire childhood combined. Besides learning how to make a blog or other things taught in a classroom, I’ve learned more about the person I want to be when I graduate. I recently came across the opportunity to write for The Odyssey and I took it without thinking too much of it.

After learning that my article was published I quickly sent it to my friends and family. Before I knew it I was getting emailsĀ from teachers I had in middle school telling me how much they enjoyed my article. I haven’t had this feeling of accomplishment since my last home run a little under a year ago.

In many ways it’s sad that a sport has this much emotional control over me but it’s moments like these (getting your article published) that help you see that there actually might be life after softball (still highly doubt it).IMG_5968.jpg

It might not be the Times or ESPN, but I put forth just as much effort as the authors on those platforms.